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Company Profile


Paying special attention to the needs of the disabled, we select effective, safe and innovative products that can improve life quality and overcome architectural barriers, thus supporting the right to autonomy and development.

Medimec International stands out into the Italian aids market thanks to its high-quality products and unique technical support.

In Italy Medimec International imports and distributes products manufactured by the most qualified international companies as:

- AAT: stair climbers, pushing and braking aids;

- Medica Medizintechnik: KPT kinetic performance technology units for active and passive exercises

- Burmeier: electric beds for private homes and rest homes

- Thomashilfen: aids for disabled children

- Jenx: pediatric mobility aids

- Liw Care: elevating postural seating units

- Meyra: manual and electronic wheelchairs 

- Meyland – Smith: walkers

- Etac: hygiene and daily Living lines

- KayserBetten: orthopaedic beds for children            

- Kubivent: mattresses and pillows

- Handicare: solutions for patient handling


Medimec Int. was founded in 1973 by the husband and wife team Domenico and Dorothea Capelli.

Therefore it can boast of over thirty-five years experience and a consolidated position on the rehabilitation aids market.

The idea for this kind of Company came easily, because Dorothea trained at one of the most important orthopedic centers in Berlin; while Domenico was working as a successful doctor in the same city. They combined their know-how with management skills setting up the first Company in Italy for the supply of innovative German equipment and special products for the disabled and bed-ridden patients.

Year after year Medimec Int. has grown, always offering the latest top quality products and technologically advanced systems, in addition to consulting and technical assistance.

Today Medimec Int. has a team of 13 employees, 2 product specialists and 16 agents present all over the Italian territory. Its customer service, technical support, delivery, marketing and administrative offices, as well as its quality control division, make Medimec a dynamic flexible business reality aimed at supplying top quality products, training for all users and excellent customer service, combined with a consolidated economic position and a desire to continue growing in the future.

In its relationship with hospitals, in addition to its sales network, Medimec International cooperates with very important specialists: an orthopedic mechanic, a therapist and two product specialists.

Medimec Int. pays special attention to innovations and market development and makes important investments in the training of its employees and search for new solutions. The company organizes courses for its agents and dealers and training for physicians, therapists and nursing staff in Faenza, in their specially designed training room.

Medimec International srl declares that all marketed products comply with the 93/42/EC European Directive and have the CE mark. The required products are tested by Berlin TUV certified thereafter.

Medimec Int. is certified ISO 9001.

Training and education

The company invests annually in training courses for internal personnel and organises at least two refresher courses on its products for external collaborators.

For technical/scientific and medical promotion of its products in hospitals, Medimec employs a product specialist, two therapists and an orthopaedic technician in ongoing interaction with sector physicians and therapists.

The training days take place at hospitals, congress halls, universities or at our headquarters, depending on logistic requirements.

During these meetings certain products are illustrated, in line with targets, from the technical, scientific and medical viewpoints, with exchanges of experience between our personnel and rehabilitation centre operators.

The company undertakes to issue samples of its products to the these institutions. Valuable collaboration with internal personnel allows us to gather information regarding patients’ experiences with view to drawing up Reports, Clinical Studies and Utilisation Protocols.

Agent network

Medimec has 16 agents distributed throughout the national territory, islands included.

Efficacious synergy in the relationship with our representatives is maintained by constant communication and solid regulations of collaboration. Ongoing contact with each company department leads to a productive exchange of information with view to rendering every commercial strategy realizable and successful.

Every six months Medimec organises general meetings aimed at the sales network to examine new products from the technical viewpoint, to deal in depth with commercial matters and to give plenty space to sharing the varied experiences of our collaborators.

Moreover, it is our intention in the near future to transform some of our best agents into one-firm agents in order to give better cover and a technical competence more specific to our products.